Hyderabad : The City of Biryani

People go to Hyderabad for its Biryani, I am no exception (though the technical reason of my visit would be to give an examination). I visited South India for the first time and this visit changed my taste buds. I hated South Indian meals before going to Hyderabad. But the fresh Dosas, Idlis and Vadas here changed my perception. The Dosa available in Kolkata is different from that in Hyderabad which is why I didn’t like it. The present me can have Dosa and Idli in Kolkata whereas the earlier me would have not eaten these. Hyderabad is known as ‘The City of Pearls’ because of the vast quantity of pearls available here. The architecture of this city dates back to the 16th century. Heritage buildings adorn the city like ‘kajal’ adorns the eye.

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Kalkatta ki Kahani

6 months. Wow! That is a long time since I published a blog post. To be frank I did not have anything to write on. I must admit though that ‘lyadh’ came in the way of me and the blog. Well I finally managed to pull myself apart from this ‘lyadh’ on the 25th of September, 2016 and went on a photowalk with fellow enthusiasts. And this gave me an opportunity to pen down a blog post after many months. So here I am trying to give words to my thoughts.

Koliscape 2016. That’s the name of the photowalk organised by Choturanga Productions. The last time I went on a photowalk was way back in 2014. You can find some photographs of that day here. Koliscape reminded me of the first photowalk I went to. The route was similar to the one we took this time. Continue reading “Kalkatta ki Kahani”

Keeping Feluda Alive Online


A humble sketch by a fan


December 1965: The first Feluda story ‘Feludar Goyendagiri’ gets published serially in Sandesh magazine.

December 2015: Feluda completes 50 years of existence and is now the most popular Bengali detective in fiction.

In this age of smartphones and tablets very few people read printed books. Most of the young generation prefer e-books to printed ones. Still the Feluda books fly off the book shelves as Jotayu would have put it “selling like hot kachoris”. This shows the popularity of Feluda even today. Continue reading “Keeping Feluda Alive Online”

Welcome To Agra

Taj Mahal

As promised here is the blog post on Agra. “Taj Mahal”, one of the seven wonders of the world, can be seen above. I will write another post on just this beautiful piece of architecture, soon.

You might remember I went to Agra last November along with Delhi and Haridwar. If you don’t then please click here for the post on Delhi and here for the one on Haridwar. Continue reading “Welcome To Agra”