Nakhoda Masjid

It’s been another few months since I last posted a new blog. Last time I showed you some photographs of my trip to Shantiniketan and tried to give words to my feelings about the place. Well, let me talk to you today about one of the most recognized monuments of Kolkata – Nakhoda Masjid. I recently visited the landmark with my friend Jitaditya and captured some of the fascinating structures in place.

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Sunrise at Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan is a place that I have now visited four times but haven’t been able to post a blog to date. My procrastination had held me back from penning down words describing my experience in the area held in great reverence by Bengalis all over the world.

I first went to Shantiniketan in 2017 and I remember quite well it was a memorable trip with childhood friends. It was raining cats and dogs but still, we enjoyed ourselves as it was our first trip outside Kolkata. Bittersweet moments come to the mind as I know that whenever we meet now, one of us will not be there. People pass away but the memories live on. I only want to remember the smiling face of the person, blurring out everything else.

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Moody Morning at Maidan

Many plans have been made and cancelled as I have wanted to go to Maidan at the break of day for many years now. Seeing the photographs taken by people only strengthened my urge to go. So I made up by mind that I have to go NOW. My school mate Jitaditya is an avid blogger himself. Do check out his blog. He has a really good command over the English language. I have made the Maidan plans with him time and again but each time some hindrance came in our way. We decided that enough was enough and FINALLY on the 16th of January this year (2021) I stepped out of my house at 5 o’clock in the morning. I was on my way to the lungs of Kolkata. Jitaditya was already there when I arrived in front of Elliot Park. And lo and behold we had actually managed to show up at Maidan before sunrise.

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Wall Art in Rajasthan

Art and architecture go hand in hand in Rajasthan. Apart from the magnificent forts standing tall for ages, the state is also filled with colourful paintings on walls. During my visit to Rajasthan in December 2018 I saw some beautiful murals on the walls and captured them through my viewfinder. I have wanted to put up a blog post on the same since then but some hindrance or the other always prevented me from actually doing it. Now, after almost 22 months, I have finally managed to compile some sort of a post. This is going to be predominantly an image heavy post with some interspersed sentences.

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Lockdown 2020

This period of lockdown has taught me one thing – we often fail to see what’s around us. We are confined to the four walls in our home and feel trapped quite often. We want to go out into the streets again, to meet our friends, to loiter aimlessly along the banks of the Ganges with a ‘ভাঁড়’ of tea in our hands. We wish for the end of this crisis. But we forget we have our own little world at our home – our family. Our life has sped up so much that we hardly have time for our family.

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